Spider-man demo

A demo of the classic semi-open world Spider-man game released in the year 2000

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows 95

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The action adventure game Spider-Man puts you right in the shoes of the iconic superhero as he helps save New York City and the world. When Stan Lee created the character, he wanted to introduce a new superhero who lived in a real city and faced some of the same problems that people did in real life. Peter Parker was a struggling photographer who had relationship problems with the two big loves in his life and dealt with being a hero at the same time. This game lets you see what life is like for that hero.

Like many superhero computer games, you control the character with the buttons on your keyboard or mouse, but the game also lets you plug in a gaming controller to get a better handle on the figure. A Spider-Man icon on the top left corner of the screen shows you the amount of energy and life that your character has. Every time that you use a special move, you lose energy, and when another character hits you, you lose a portion of your life. As you move through the game, you pass by save points that note your progress. When you die in the game, you start over again at your checkpoint and not at the beginning.

Spider-Man came out after the "Spider-Man" film franchise but before the release of the newer film "The Amazing Spider-Man," but the game relies more on the classic comic book hero and less on the films. The character can climb walls, fly through the air with webs he shoots from his hands and perform some of the other trademark moves. Using those web shooters reduces your energy, which will frustrate some players as they learn how to move and perform actions in the game.

Though the character comes clad in his classic costume, which features shades of red and blue, many of the scenes take place in dark alleys and other areas with dark colors. Those dark shades will reduce your movements and prevent you from getting a good handle on your surroundings. Turning up the contrast or color on your monitor may provide some relief. Another common problem with the game is that the character doesn't always respond to the movements you dictate. This is especially true when several enemies surround the character on your screen.

Spider-Man is one of the few superhero video games that recreates the excitement of the original stories. Whether you loved the films, love the comic or are just a fan of superheroes in general, you'll love playing this title, which recreates the excitement of your favorite stories in a game you can play on your computer.


  • Recreates the excitement of the comic books.
  • Offers a number of different stages and levels that slowly increase in difficulty.
  • Features classic villains and stories from the comics.


  • Dark backgrounds increase the difficulty of some levels.
  • Character doesn't always respond as well as he should.
  • Doesn't work with all computer operating systems.

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